Gien faience

Because an exceptional chocolate deserves the finest faience, Au Roi Soleil gives its clients the possibility to offer this traditional earthenware.

The Faiencerie de Gien was first established in 1821 in Gien in the Loire Valley, in the heart of France. Since its creation 200 years ago, The Faiencerie de Gien, Europe’s leading earthenware manufacture, symbolizes elegance and the French art of living. It became famous for manufacturing coats of arms table services for the greatest families of France and Europe.

An exceptional know-how in the historical heart of France, The Faiencerie de Gien still masters to this day the entire manufacturing process of its earthenware, from the selection of the soil (sand, clay and kaolin) to the making of clay, to finalizing the product. Plaster molds, enamels and colors are also made in Gien.

At the Au Roi Soleil shop you can find a selection of beautiful traditional or modern pieces to please all tastes.

Gien faience
Gien faience
Gien faience
Gien faience

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