Pure cocoa origin

The quality of the cocoa bean comes from the quality of the soil, our chocolates are made from nine different varieties of cocoa, all originating from the best equatorial soils : Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Cameroun, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Indonesia.

Made from nine different varieties of cocoa

Our chocolatiers select the best coca beans, the purest, the finest, without any industrial treatment, reflecting the sincerity and authenticity of the small local producers.

They work daily to maintain an agricultural tradition of quality, inherited from their families, where the control of the best bean-selecting techniques, harvest, fermentation and drying has been handed down from father to son for many generations, in the same way as our French wine productions.

Dark chocolate
Chocolate beans
The subtle blend of the Forasteros varieties, which are more rustic with their strongly bitter-flavored beans and acid notes, and the more fragile varieties such as the Criollos, which give the finest and the most aromatic beans, tender and slightly sour, associated to more or less important levels of roasting, allowing to form an entire pallet of taste and nuance which is the base of the most original creations.

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