Japanese porcelain
Tokyo Design

Tokyo Design Studio is a brand specialized in the creation of Asian tableware, in the Japanese and Chinese style. The quality of their products has acquired worldwide fame.
Japanese porcelain Tokyo Design

At Tokyo Design Studio, tradition is omnipresent through the artisanal manufacturing techniques as well as through the designs drawn on the tableware. The selection of raw materials is one of the keys to the quality of the brand, all of Tokyo Design Studio products are made of porcelain, a fine noble material.

Tokyo Design Studio offers a full-fledged collection of plates, bowls, salad bowls, teapots, tea cups and trays with flower designs and geometrical patterns. The design reveals Japanese inspiration. Each piece from Tokyo Design Studio is created following an ancestral Japanese technique. First, the object is oven-baked before the craftsman draws patterns, then each piece is glazed and returned to the oven, giving it a very powerful resistance and a perfect finish.

Au Roi Soleil has selected a set of simple and elegant designs that will bring Japanese culinary art to your home.

Japanese porcelain Tokyo Design
Japanese porcelain Tokyo Design
Japanese porcelain Tokyo Design
Japanese porcelain Tokyo Design

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