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The "Au Roi Soleil" house

The "Au Roi Soleil"


For Anne & Babeth, the founders’ granddaughters, chocolate is a passion, but it is also the taste of their childhood, when they were younger and used to visit their grandparents at the Au Roi Soleil shop, located only a few steps away from the Palace of Versailles.

They would enjoy watching the work of their grandmother, the smell of chocolate, the thick tablets, the white iron boxes, the artisanal sweets… It is a set of memories which is the history of this family chocolate shop created in 1953 by Mr & Mrs. Burckel.

The "Au Roi Soleil" house
The "Au Roi Soleil" house
The "Au Roi Soleil" house
The "Au Roi Soleil" house

It is Anne & Babeth’s grandparents who, with time, created a relationship with the best workers of France and the best chocolate craftsmen to develop unique flavors and original creations generating emotion and pleasure.

The Au Roi Soleil shop has become an institution in Versailles. Only the mention of its name brings a smile and makes eyes shimmer, as if one has plunged back into childhood, a place where one can happily find all the perfumed notes of the best chocolates, the pleasure of tasting and savoring exceptional flavors.

The "Au Roi Soleil" house

Our values regarding chocolate

Au roi Soleil, our values regarding chocolate

Absolute quality

The artisanal quality of our chocolate is one of our indispensable values. From the selection of the best ingredients: the most sought-after cocoa beans originating from the best plantations and soil, the best vanilla, the best almonds, rare products of very high quality… to the realization by our craft-masters, who have all been chosen for their exceptional work and their search for absolute quality and freshness. These criteria, applied without concession, assure an exceptional and pleasurable taste.
Au roi Soleil, creativity and originality

Creativity and originality

Our craftsmen’s talent is in their capacity to constantly innovate to surprise, and to remain pioneers of taste and flavors. In each new product, one finds the creators’ dedication, the chocolate cannot be the result of an industrial procedure, it needs the soul of its creator in the mixing of spices, in the originality of its form, in the assembling of new surprising tastes and in the marriage of flavors.

Au roi Soleil, creativity and originality

Au Roi Soleil shop

46, rue de la Paroisse
78000 Versailles - France
Phone : +33(0) 1 39 50 24 94


Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 AM to 7 PM
Sunday: 10 AM to 1 PM
Monday: closed

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