At the Au Roi Soleil shop, we favor the closest relationship with each of our craftsmen, the artisanal manufacturing must be the imprint of tradition and must respect the manufacturing techniques which are not compatible with industrial mass production.

Knowing how to balance the flavors to allow the spices to emerge, make its taste linger, develop its strength and intensity, play with its fullness, blend creaminess and crunchiness, to find the balance between smooth and fluffy, knowing how to play with the infinite variations of chocolate, are all of the subtleties that only the best craftsmen know how to create.


Chocolate artisans are always in search of new recipes, to master their art, technicality and creativity are essential to the daily practice of their profession. Our chocolatiers sculpt the shapes, they have unique skills and manage to improve their gesture, only this can allow the making of these subtle creations.

They know how to play with the elasticity of chocolate which allows them to make the most original creations, they work for perfection of detail which gives life to these short-lived, uniquely decorated chocolates.

Au Roi Soleil shop

46, rue de la Paroisse
78000 Versailles - France
Phone : +33(0) 1 39 50 24 94


Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 AM to 7 PM
Sunday: 10 AM to 1 PM
Monday: closed

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